Big Round Straw Hat

Big Round Straw Hat

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                              Time to join the Big Hat fam!
Cultivate your inner sun-blocking bad-ass with this Big Straw Hat! Shade your peepers, and make the ladies swoon - all while keeping cool in the Mafia-approved one-size-fits-most Big Hat bad-assery. Plus, it's guaranteed to turn some heads - what more could you ask for?
Our best selling hat features an 18 inch brim shaped in a Curved downward Lifeguard Style shape. This hat has a draw string and an elastic band to keep the hat situated on your head!

One size fits most. 

Hats are typically shipped within 2-3 Business Days sometimes it take a bit longer. 

We are not responsible for shipping delays. If you need a hat by a particular date you will need to pay for upgraded shipping costs and please let us know by adding a note!