How did Big Hat Mafia come to be?

Back in 2015 our friend Michael Hollis and Gene Nicodemus started a no prep race at Northstar Dragway, and the Doomsday No Prep Series was born. During one dinner meeting before the race, announcing was brought up and Barrett was dared to do it for the first race. Not being one to back down from a challenge, he gladly accepted. The race came and went, during which rookie mistakes were made and it was even said that BoostedGT was the man on the microphone afterwards! Nevertheless a blast was had by him, and he decided to continue through this adventure.


Doomsday would go on to host 3 more No Prep races that year, each one gaining a little more experience along the way.

Fast forward a bit to the summer of 2016 and a little race called Outlaw Armageddon was on the calendar, that Mark and Jesse asked Barrett to announced at. Knowing it would be a weekend outside in August in the Oklahoma heat I needed to find a solution, the big hat. With that purchase Big Hat Mafia was truly born.


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  • I love my big AMERICAN FLAG hat

    Marcie naylor

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